Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The DNC and Michelle Obama's Speech

While work has pretty much consumed my life, I did find the time (made the time) to watch/listen to the speeches given on the opening night of the Democratic National Convention. Politics and world events have always been an interest of mine. Its amazing how everything in this world is connected.

So, cutting to the chase, my impressions of last night and specifically Michelle Obama's speech. One thing that impressed me last night, were the strong women in the Democratic Party from the delegates who supported Hilary that were being interviewed regarding their plans to vote for McCain instead, to the congresswomen and Govenors to Nancy Pelosi and then the Obama family. There are some strong female movers and shakers who are not afraid to speak their minds (even if its opposite of what the Democratic Party would like).

My impression of Michelle Obama. First of all, I've really been annoyed with the attacks on her throughout - - many of the same attacks McCain's wife Cindy has endured in his various bids. Why is it, that if you are a successful woman in your own right that it is a negative? Why should a woman's success and power diminish that of her husband's?

I came across this quote yesterday, "Show me the man you honor, and I will know what kind of man you are." - Thomas Carlyle.

Well, I think you can substitute that first 'man' with 'woman'. I think men who pick strong, successful women as their spouses are themselves, strong, successful, confident. I think the wives of both Obama and McCain say a lot about the kind of men they are.

The Obama story reminds me a lot of my own family. While part of my family has been here since the founding of this nation, other branches are new immigrants. On my dad's side, I am third generation American. My father was the first person in his family to go to college. My grandfather worked in the local limestone quarry and organized labor and was a local Democratic party official. My mom's father was the son of Methodist ministers and farmers. My maternal grandfather was the sole provider of his extended family during the Great Depression. He worked building the highway system in Northern Ohio and sent six kids on to college. My uncles are all very successful and left small town Ohio for big cities. My dad returned to teach school. We never had a lot of money and my parents really struggled but they raised myself and my sisters to be women of character, to value God and education and our country. Two of us have advanced degrees and have left Ohio and all three of us have successful careers.

When I listened to Michelle Obama, I really could connect with her. I appreciated the personal look into their family, into her life. My impression was, wow, in this country, you really can come from a working class family and make-it. You don't have to be part of the elite, the son or daughter of lawyers, doctors or politicians, to be successful.

My impression last night was a refreshed Pride in the United States. Here is the speech.

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