Saturday, August 30, 2008

Blindsided By Veep Pick

O.k. I'll be honest, the first time I had heard of Sarah Palin was last spring after she gave birth to her fifth child Trig.  I think she became the first Governor to give birth while in office.  I had found the story encouraging -- not because she was a Governor and a mother -- but because she was 44.  I guess as I get closer and closer to  40 and I'd like to get married and have children  - - I get encouraged when I read about women in their 40s having children.  So that was initially what I found inspiring about her.

Yep, I know, fluffy.

What do I think about her selection as McCain's running mate?  I was asked that today while quilting with co-workers.  I think its kind of neat, I find it interesting, I was surprised - - I don't really know what to think, to be honest.  I don't know much about Palin.  I suppose like everyone, I'll be doing a bunch of research on her.

I was surprised how quickly her selection was attacked by mainstream media - - especially MSNBC.  I was watching it last night and was kind of taken aback by a few of the attacks.

 They keep concentrating on the fact that her only political experience was being a small town mayor.  But currently she's the Governor of Alaska.  That was getting mentioned as an afterthought and then was followed by the 'chaser' - - "what could possibly go on in Alaska".

If I were from Alaska, I'd be insulted.  Just because its ranked 47th out of 50 for population doesn't make a politician from this State incapable of leading on a national level.  I mean, what do people in the lower 48 think --  that everyone in Alaska lives in igloos and are North Pole rednecks?

As Governor, Sarah Palin is responsible for managing the State's budget (by this I mean she is the final sign-off of the appropriations bill sent to her from the state law makers).  In 2007, Alaska's budget was ranked 32nd in the US with $5.5 billion in expenditures. If Alaska overspends its budget, its not the State's budget director who gets blamed, but the Governor.  Just like when our federal budget goes in deficit - - its not Congress' s fault but President Bush's.

How much money were McCain, Obama and Biden responsible for managing in 2007 or in 2008 for that matter?

She got ripped about being pro-life and for choosing to have her fifth child whom she knew could possibly be downs syndrome.  What is so wrong with being pro-life?  What is so wrong with choosing to have the child you are carrying when you know it has a disability, deformity, or life threatening condition.  Are we being told by MSNBC that the lives of children who are imperfect are not worth carrying to term?   She's Catholic.  Catholic doctrine  - - actually Christian doctrine states that life begins at conception.  She's sticking by her beliefs.  What is wrong with this?  As a side, Joe Biden is also Catholic and he is Pro-Choice.  In an interview with the Catholic Bishop of Denver during the DNC, the Bishop said that because Biden was not living to the standards and teaching of the Catholic Church, that if Biden were a member of the Denver Diocese, Biden would not be able to take communion.  Geraldine Ferraro's priest refused to serve her communion because of her Pro-Choice stance.  But this whole topic is enough for another blog.

Palin's stance on oil drilling. First, oil is a big revenue maker for the state of Alaska as well as for Alaskans who work in the oil industry.  So of course she's going to back an industry that is good for her state.  What politician wouldn't do this?  FYI, the Russians don't have a problem with drilling for oil in the Arctic - - they may even infringe on US territory to do it.

Then her stance on Alaskan Wildlife and what should be endangered or not.  Honestly, I think there are a bunch of groups out there that are appalled that Palin is herself a hunter.  There are groups out there that would like to ban all hunting everywhere.  Regarding oil drilling hurting the environment of wildlife... The Russians don't have a problem with drilling for oil in the Arctic.  So, are we o.k. with not drilling ourselves and then buying the oil we need from Russia?

Regarding foreign policy experience.  Alaska borders on Canada and Russia.  I'm sure there are agreements regarding hunting and fishing that have been made.  In addition to that, I'm sure there are other trade agreements, many states have these with foreign countries.

I'm not one to blindly follow what I'm being told by the press, political parties, or political organizations.  So, that leaves me with a lot of research to do going into the elections in November.

Either way, its going to be a historical election.  We are poised to either elect the first African American man to the White House or we'll have our first female Vice President.  Regarding the oldest president elected - - Ronald Reagan still holds that record at 70 during his first term and then 74 for his second term.

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