Thursday, August 28, 2008

Putin, Medvedev, What the Heck Are You Smokin'?

Like is it psychotropic? Because you both, actually every Russian diplomat quoted in the news, sound completely insane.

Now, you are saying that the Russian invasion of Georgia was instigated by the United States in an attempt to make one US Presidential candidate look better than the other. First of all, if you all fell for this alleged US instigation - - you guys are the political morons that you accuse Georgia and the US of being. You want to be a super power again? What super power lets itself be manipulated in such a way as to make one of another country's presidential candidates look better than the other.

Let me guess, since you are going to cut your imports of US pork and chicken, you will blame the long food lines and empty meat counters this winter on the US. Somehow you will blame the hardships you are imposing on your own people on the United States.

Oh - - and when you cut off heating oil and hold Eastern Europe hostage this winter - - you'll blame that on the United States too. Oh, ya, the United States is really going to twist your arm and force you to cut off the oil pipelines.

And then on Russia Today television news, they report you guys got the Shanghai convention to sign some declaration backing your support of Ossetia and Abkhazia's independence. Do you think those other countries live in some vacuum? That they wouldn't hear or read that you guys are promoting their backing of your actions? So, when China releases a statement that they and the other countries of this Shanghai group are 'concerned' about the situation and that they didn't sign any declaration backing your position, what is that? Another conspiracy of the United States?

Dudes, no one. Not one country that means anything, oh, let me qualify that, no country with a sane leader, has supported Russian actions.

I love your foreign ministers quote last week that Russia was prepared to sell Syria more arms as long as this does not disturb the regional balance of power. WTH?! Of course that will disturb the balance of power in the region. Are you trying to FORCE Israel into a preemptive strike somewhere? But I guess if you were to do that - - it would be the fault of the United States.

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