Thursday, November 6, 2008

Amazing Bling!

I'm really excited! The Docents at the Museum are having a Marine Corps Ball this Saturday. We could invite guests so I invited all the ladies in my Bible study group, three are coming with me. Another friend of mine from church who also started volunteering this fall is also coming and invited one of her friends. So the six of us beautiful ladies will command a table.

It will be so much fun. I couldn't think of a better group of people to invite and they've never attended a Marine Corps Ball before. I hope they feel like Princesses. I've always felt like a Princess when I've gone with the Marines I've dated in the past. One of the Marines assigned to the museum was telling me he was the only one without a date. I told him he didn't need a date, that I was bringing friends and he could have four 'dates' - - of course we'd all be 'older women'.

Well, I did go out to buy a new dress. What an ordeal. So many things are baby doll style or didn't have any structure. The baby doll style dresses make me look pregnant - -they were all quick rejects after trying them on. Then some of the other dressed just showed every bulge I have. I even saw some great red party dresses at Macy's made of stretch satin. In my opinion, if you aren't rock hard and skinny, these just don't do it. Oh, and if you have 'real' boobs - - they just got compressed, no lift to the dresses at all. Was so disappointed. I settled on a pair of flowy black palazo pants and a satin and shear fitted top. I also got a sparkly red top and matching blazer to wear to my company Christmas party. Both gave me the silhouette that I was seeking - - without having to wear a body shaper underneath.

Will post pictures of my outfit after the event.

I will share this amazing bling I got.

DSC_1316 DSC_1321 DSC_1322

Its all very dramatic. I saw it on a mannequin wearing a black career dress - - and I was like "Wow!" I NEED that. I found the necklace, earrings and dinner ring. Its all so fun! I can't wait to wear it!

Oh,oh! I am also going to try out fake eyelashes for the first time.

One of my friends showed us her dresses (she hasn't decided) at Bible study on Tuesday. She is going to look fabulous. I also saw the dress another friend said she had purchased at Macy's. We are all going to just be knock-outs! I hope they enjoy the whole birthday ceremony thing.

I think I may get Marine Corps Ball burnout this weekend. I will be going to one every night. Two of the nights I'll be working and one of the nights I'll be attending.


Tiffany said...

So fun! I haven't been to a ball in ages. And, even though I am not a skinny minnie, I too feel like a princess every time!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Samantha West said...

Hava a simply marvelous time! Can't wait for the photos!

Miss Em said...

If that young Marine doesn't take you up on the offer of 4 GREAT LOOKING 'older'{in age but not of mind} women as his dates then he will be missing out on being treated like 'Prince Charming with the Glass Slipper'.
Imagine being fought over and squeezed like a ripe peach ready for the plucking as he twirls them around on the dance floor equals 1 tired but happy Marine and leaving 4 GREAT LOOKING Ladies feeling like the 'Bells of the Ball'.

I'm envious and very happy for you. Have a GREAT time.