Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christmas Shopping and a Patriotic Cigar Shop Shout Out

Well, almost all of my Christmas shopping is done. There were some great sales at the stores this weekend.

On my last stop, I went to Cigar Town at Fairfax Corner. No, I haven't taken up smoking. I was going to get a Christmas Gift for the former boyfriend, Major A. I know absolutely nothing about cigars. I explained to the guy that I wanted to send some cigars to my friend who was deployed. The Cigar shop guy showed me two gift sets. I picked one that I hope Major A will like. When the guy rang the sale up he said, "With the military discount, that will be..."

I stopped him, "But, I'm not in the military."

"That's o.k. it's going to one of our men in the military, so I'm going to give you the discount."

How cool is that?!

Way cool!

Anyone looking for a good cigar shop in Northern Virginia, I recommend Cigar Town at Fairfax Corner.

1 comment:

Miss Em said...

Mjr A is going to realize AGAIN just what a GREAT Lady he left behind when he opens a gaily wrapped package for Christmas.

If I am ever in the area I will certainly stop in and check out what he has available.