Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Passing of a Marine Corps Legend, John Ripley

Just received this e-mail from the Museum that Col. John Ripley passed away.


Three Navy Cross recipients, John Ripley (Vietnam), Frank Caldwell (Iwo Jima, WW2), Jeremiah Workman (OIF, Fallujah). This was a picture taken in February 2007 at the Iwo Jima Symposium. Jeremiah had asked if I could get a picture of the three of them. He ended up framing this photo for Col. Ripley whom he had found to be a great mentor and friend.

I have met other Marines who have valued Col. Ripley's advise and encouragement as an academic advisor and mentor at VMI, the Naval Academy, and the various professional schools in the Marine Corps. This past winter, he was inducted into the Army Ranger Hall of fame. I believe he is the only person who had never been previously in the Army to have been so honored. He has cheated death several times, at the Bridge of Dong Ha and then from a Kidney aliment.

I have met Col Ripley at various events and found him to be a great teacher. His Marine Corps History lectures were captivating. It is a shame more people will not have the opportunity to learn from him. What an amazing life he lived. My condolences go out to his family.


Miss Em said...


My condolences to you on the loss of a great mentor and friend.

Samantha West said...

This is so sad. The Bridge at Dong Ha was one of the first books I read about the Marine Corps.

This has been a weekend of losses with General Barrow's passing as well.

Rest in peace my Warriors. You have served your country and mankind well. Thank you.

RangersGirl said...

FYI, I only knew Col. Ripley as an instructor and lecturer. He was not a mentor of mine. But I highly respected him and learned a great deal from his lectures. I was just one of many in the sea of faces in a lecture hall.

He had a lot of wonderful stories, and great experiences and its a shame he won't be around to continue sharing that with other young Marines and those of us who like to learn.