Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Museum Celebrates the 233rd Birthday of the Marine Corps


We had a day full of events scheduled. Our first cake cutting ceremony kicked off at 1000.

Our oldest Marine was First Sergeant Don Thompson, born in 1917, he enlisted in 1943.


Our youngest Marine, Private First Class Michael Scottodiluzio, was born in 1989 and enlisted in March 2008. He just completed boot camp four days ago.

DSC_1805 DSC_1800

Above, the passing of the cake from the oldest to the youngest. Below, Pat, our customer service manager, chats with Mr. Thompson and his family following the ceremony. Pat does such a great job making all of the veterans feel special, which they all are.


The other events that were going on included a recruiting station up at Tun Tavern. Our bar tender Bob, was playing Robert Mullan, who, as legend has it, recruited his company of Marines from the Tavern his parents ran.


We also had a section of the museum set up with Marine Corps uniforms through out history. Here, one of our guests in the uniform worn by Marines in Vietnam. I wouldn't want to mess with her. Her daughter actually said that her mom really looked scary and she had never seen her mom look that intimidating. Amazing what a weapon in your hands will do.


We also had a middle school visit the museum and they were sent on a scavenger hunt of sorts. One of their tasks was to interview a veteran. Here a group of girls interviews one of our active duty Marines.

DSC_1815 DSC_1819

Above, a group of boys interviews another of the active duty Marines detached to the museum. Below, Patricia, one of our docents and a veteran of World War 2 and Korea is interviewed by another group of students.


The second Cake Ceremony began at 1300. I had staked out another vantage point that allowed me to climb above the guests.


Our oldest Marine was Sergeant Major Philip Mackert, born in 1919, he enlisted in December 1941. I didn't ask but I assume, he enlisted in response to the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Our youngest Marine was Lance Corporal Kris Horn, born in 1989, he enlisted in January 2008.


Here, the oldest Marine passes the cake to the youngest Marine.

DSC_1840 DSC_1848

I really like the photos I took in the afternoon. The light was a little better. The crowd was also larger and I was able to get a good bead on the guests observing.

I especially like the following picture. It brings tears to my eyes and I can't quite put it into words what my heart sees in this image. These gentlemen were on a trip with younger Marines, maybe their grandsons. The man on the right was in a wheel chair, however, when the ceremony began, he stood, with the help and support of his friend. I see in this picture a love and devotion for the Marine Corps, I see a long friendship and the willingness of one Marine to help out another Marine.


Below is a newly minted Lieutenant who came to the museum with his friends. After the cake cutting ceremony, I saw a group of Vietnam veterans approach him and chat. There were pats on the back and hand shaking. The bond of the Marine Corps transcends generations.


Finally, Patricia, standing at parade rest during the cake cutting ceremony. The docents formed the gauntlet that the cake was escorted through.


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