Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas at Ranger's Girl's House

I put my tree up last weekend. Still so much to do! For some reason it seems like I have less time this year to get things done.

The fuzzy kiddos tried to help this year. Well, one of them tried to help. This is Stryker helping me with the ribbons I used to tie garland up to my banister.


Not having thumbs made it a little difficult for him to make bows. So, he decided he'd just hang out and look cute. This is the little guy who broke his leg last year. Many guys I know have said they would have had him put down. Even though I am still paying his leg off, he is such a sweet little guy, I can't imagine life without him. Putting him to sleep was never an option.


Step one with the tree: I decided to ditch the fake berry garland because the cats kept eating it and the little Styrofoam berries were a pain to clean up. I opted for white Poinsettias.


For some additional color - -I love red - - I added the pretty red and gold ribbon between the garland.


All decorated!


This is what it looks like without the flash.


Ranger checking out the snowflake ornaments. He did attempt to climb the tree but I put a stop to that really quick.


Here is my cool new ornament for the season, a National Museum of the Marine Corps ornament. It has all of the air craft that are in the Leatherneck gallery.


Stryker claims his spot on the tree skirt. He's pretty tired from 'helping' me so he's annoyed that I interrupted his nap for this picture.



Wendylicious said...

Your Stryker looks just like my Salem. What a handsom kitty!

liberal army wife said...

such pretty cats! We aren't having a tree this year since we are headed for FL because DH is deploying soon. But when we have one, JJ takes his position under the tree - and I hang a couple of the clear lucite ornaments for him to bat at.

Since we just had a tooth of his extracted, with more pain to our credit card than he had... I sympathize. But yeah, they ARE family, right?


Miss Em said...

Last time I had a tree with skirt my cat, Hey-you, dicided that it would be better if it was wadded up in a small enough ball for her to crawl under and wait for my feet to appear.

Sneaky little fur-ball.