Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Singleton's Christmas

First of all, let me just say that several of my wonderful friends from church invited me to their homes for Christmas dinner. I declined because I just wanted to chill out; sleep really late; open my presents at a leisurely pace and time; hang out in PJs all day and watch movies. Their invitations were appreciated!

Christmas Eve - - I got stuck at work. We were trying to set up the training region for an interface partner who will be using our training region. So I was there on my scheduled vacation day. Don't worry, I won't lose the day - - I'll just take it some other time. So, I didn't have time to do my hair for church - - considered not putting make-up on but didn't want to look like I was depressed to be spending Christmas alone - - I wasn't depressed at all. Was looking forward to the peace and solitude.

As I was heading out the door for church, my mom calls. They were all opening presents at their house. That has been the tradition in my family, presents and dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's - - so mom and dad are now Grandma and Grandpa. Mom puts the big guilt trip on me...

"Oh, you should have been here the kids really liked your gifts. They were big hits and they are so into unwrapping everything. You are really missing out not being here."

Hmm, I seem to recall her telling me three days before that they had been dumped on by about 3 inches of freezing rain which was slush on the roads which then froze and was covered by about 4 inches of snow. Oh, and their street has not been cleared. Ya, I'm tired of driving home in yuck - - 9 hours of driving isn't bad enough -- adding the yuck to it is over the top for me. Now, if they lived 9 hours south of me that would be a different story.

But anyway, Nephew loved his Lego set.


I've been getting him the Secret Agent series this past year. For Christmas, I got him mission #8. Its really cool, this big volcano secret lab that belongs to the bad guys -- I think. Well, when he opened it he kept saying, "There isn't a mission 8, it only goes up to mission 6." His mom and dad kept telling him there must be a mission #7 and #8 because he clearly has mission #8 in his hands. When it finally sunk in that he had mission #8, he was so excited because that mission hasn't come out in the stores yet Ohio - - yay! for the Lego outlet at Potomac Mills!!! So he has a Lego set that none of his friends have or have seen.

I have been on a princess theme for Niece for the past couple of years. Last year I sent her a box of princess dress-up clothes. This year for her birthday, I found this pretty Sleeping Beauty dress and matching doll. (Sleeping Beauty is my favorite Disney Fairytale). I sent her the dress for her birthday - - she's very petite so its still a bit large on her. I sent the doll for Christmas.

DSCN8133 DSC_1096

My mom wasn't sure if Niece would like the doll as she is really into playing with trucks and cars and all the stuff her brother plays with. My mom said she wasn't too interested in playing with any dolls. Well, she was really excited about Sleeping Beauty. She kept walking around with the box saying "Look!"

When I talked to my sister on the phone, she grudgingly told me that she was undoing the 50 twisty ties that held Sleeping Beauty in place in her packaging because Niece wanted to play with her.

My sister and brother-in-law were happy about the Wii controllers and games that I got them. Dad liked his wallet and the book, History of Ohio State Football. My mom hadn't even gotten to unwrapping the gifts I got her, so I'm not sure.

I heard from Major A the week before Christmas.


The package I sent him had arrived and he really appreciated it. He said he distributed the coffee to his teams (after I bought the coffee, I realized in the last three packages I've sent him three bags of coffee each) Either way, I hope the coffee brightens up someone's day, warms it up any way since it is getting cold where he is. He said he'd probably spend Christmas day smoking one of the cigars and chilling out.

Here, Stryker considers sending himself.

DSCN8110 DSCN8111

Above, my packing job.

So - - what did my Christmas look like?

Here is my tree.


Wish I could say I trained Ranger on how to take photos - - but I'm not that good with cats. I took these with my timer.

DSC_3263 DSC_3266

I don't know why Ranger never wants to take a picture with me. I even tried to bribe him with catnip and toys. All that got me was a clawed up hand. Note to self: Never dangle catnip drenched cat toys in front of Ranger. This picture was pre-clawing.


I got a great pair of fleece pajamas - - I got a pair for my birthday. They are so warm and soft! If I didn't have to get new tires on my car two weeks ago, I'd go back to Kohls and buy about 5 more pairs. These are the best PJs ever!


I also got the boxed set of Indiana Jones movies. One of these weekends I'll have an Indy marathon - - I just need to get a larger TV. Maybe after I pay my credit card off.


My sister also sent me a winter Apron. Its very festive and maybe in the future when I have a family and cook a holiday dinner, I will wear it.

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Kelly said...

Hope you had a Merry Christmas. The PJ's look super comfy, I love a good pair of pajamas! I'm sure Major A loved the care package you sent, you can never have too much coffee. It sounds like you are really in tune with your niece and nephew, I was struggling to come up wit ideas for my own daughter! You're such a good Aunt.