Thursday, December 18, 2008

Why the Stink over Rick Warren Delivering Invocation at Inauguration?

I don't understand what the the big hoopla is all about. I heard on the radio this morning that gay rights and pro-abortion organizations are up and arms over Obama's choice and I read this morning that Christian Conservatives are disappointed with Warren for accepting.

So, if both sides aren't happy, does that mean you've done something right?

The gay rights and pro-abortion orgs are ticked because Warren is a staunch pro-lifer and anti-gay marriage proponent. He's a Christian minister - - he better be pro-life and anti-gay marriage because both go against the Bible. Acts 5:29 - - "We must obey God rather than human authority." Sometimes that is hard to do. I'm a human being, I know what it is like to be in love with someone - - I can't imagine the frustration of not being able to marry the person I love. I also struggle with the abortion issue - - while I believe it is the wrong choice for someone to make, it is not a choice I would make. Making it illegal won't end the practice and the thought of unregulated, illegal providers scares me.

The Conservatives are disappointed because they think Warren is being opportunistic and is trying to be the next Billy Graham. What is wrong with being opportunistic? God gives us opportunities so that His Glory can shine. I just pray that Warren uses this opportunity to promote God's agenda - - and no one else's. Secondly, no one will ever be Billy Graham. While Warren's goal is the same as Graham, to bring as many people to Jesus Christ as possible, they have different gifts and have different styles. I also believe there are seasons for people. God is in control of those seasons. I believe Mr. Graham and Mr. Warren are on the same team - - so what difference does it make?

Maybe its the season for Rick Warren. Maybe he is a person who can influence American politics and the public positively toward Christian ideals and teachings. I loved the political forum he held at his church. That was great. What a great way to bring the issues that are important to Christians into the mainstream media.

What do you think about the Purpose Driven Life pastor blessing the Obama presidency?

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