Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm Missing the Company Christmas Party because of a Flat Tire!!!

I'm really disappointed. I've been looking forward to the company Christmas party since they sent out the reserve a date with its location -- the Udvar-Hazy Center - - the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum's Annex out by the Dulles Airport.

On my drive home from work tonight, I got a flat tire. Thank goodness for AAA! So I'm driving on the donut. And the donut is a little low on air - - at least it isn't flat. So anyway, I won't be going anywhere this whole weekend. I tried to see if the tire place near my house could get new Tires on my car this weekend - - nope, not till Monday. They will call me after 9 a.m. to let me know if they have the tires or not. I can't drive to work until I get a new tire. Its just so frustrating!

I cried a bit when I got home. I love dress-up parties. I did the whole feel sorry for myself crap because I'm single - - if I were dating someone or married, he could drive and we'd still be able to go to the party and I wouldn't be stuck in my house all weekend.

The positives. I've had a slow leak in this tire for some time. I've asked my mechanic to check it out and he said it was fine. My dad helped me fill it with air (I am horrible with air) when I was home. So it was a good thing I didn't get a flat while driving to Ohio or Michigan and back to DC.

The other positive is that it forces me to get the stuff done around the house that I need to complete - - like my Christmas cards and gift wrapping. And I can get to bed early and continue recovering from my cold.

At least the Princess Party is coming up so I can still wear the outfit I bought.

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Wendylicious said...

aaah! Hugs! That stinks! I really hate it when you are looking forward to something and it falls through.