Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Rats! Christmas in DC


I braved the cold last night and headed down to DC to catch the lights at the National Botanical Garden. I felt a bit rushed. I got stuck at work an hour later than I had planned (had to go back to work today even though it was suppose to be a vacation day - - 6 hours more than I expected....grrr). By the time I got down to DC I had an hour before the gardens closed. So I rushed around to take pictures of what I wanted to take - - note to self: bring a different tripod next year.

I may head down again over the weekend to photograph some of this with more natural light. It was so dark and people would walk in front of the spot lights and it was in a cramped room so I didn't even feel comfortable putting my camera on a tripod. I liked it better outside.

DSC_3262 DSC_3297

Below is Caterpillar garden.


Can you see the tree people?


Look! Its a book worm!


It was called Caterpillar garden because the train was painted to look like a caterpillar.


The next portion was the Fairy Tale Express. Below is Cinderella's castle. It kind of looks like one of the castles along the Rhine in Germany, doesn't it?


This is Santa's village. I like how they used plants with white leaves to give the effect of snow.


Town houses in the German village along the mountainside of the Cinderella castle.

DSC_3283 DSC_3285

Out in the main area, they have the miniatures of the landmark government buildings. Can you guess which one this is?


This should help you out (oh by the way, I was not in the reflecting pool - - very close but not in it). The building below is the Capital Building. These miniatures are up all year long and they surround the structures with seasonal flowering plants. Its always so beautiful.

DSC_3305 DSC_3310

The Garden's Christmas tree. I think this tree is so beautiful. It is just dripping in lights and ornaments. Someday, my tree will look like this -- with Christmas village and train running around the base.

DSC_3322 DSC_3327

Now, on to the capital. Below is a historically significant picture. Why? Read the sign:



All of the scaffolding that you see are being put up for the Obama inauguration. Yes, they are starting that early.

DSC_3335 DSC_3338

On the way back to the metro, I encountered one of DC's most prolific residents. A black rat. I took two pictures of this guy as he tried to scurry away from me. I'm not sure but after the second picture, I may have blinded him or something because....

Copy of DSC_3347

He stopped stood on his hind legs, sniffed the air and started trotting up to me. Yes, he stopped running away from me and came scurrying at me. YIKES! I didn't know if I should try and take a picture or not. I chose not to because he was moving really fast and I haven't had a rabies vaccination. So, I took a step back and that startled him. He jumped and did a back flip kind of thing (funny, actually) and then scurried away from me. I'm not sure what he was doing. Maybe he thought I had food for him. Who the heck feeds the rats?

Any way, that was the closest I have ever been to a rat - - he came within a foot of my feet. So does this mean I lost a game of "Chicken" to a rat?

I ran into three additional buddies of his on the path back to the metro. GROSSS!

I didn't venture over to the White House because, did I mention, it was cold. The walk to the metro made me feel like my legs were going to freeze off. I think it was 20 degrees. I don't do well with cold weather.

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve and Day with your family and friends!

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I can't read the sign on the picture! Now I'm rabid with curiousity. LOL!