Monday, June 1, 2009

Teachers That Made an Impact

I was over reading Lysa TerKeurst's blog this evening. It made me think about two teachers I had that really made an impact on my young life.

Sister Juanita was my 2nd teacher. I was her little helper, her little shadow. I would stay after school to clean the blackboards and she taught me how to crochet. I can remember stories she'd tell of her summer vacation. Nuns actually would go swimming in bathing suits! We were all amazed by that. I loved all the stories she'd tell and she encouraged me to be creative and taught me how to pray. We made first communion in 2nd grade so there was all this preparation and learning about the significance of things like the host and the holy sepulchre and reading the bible. I think this is when I really got interested in reading the bible. I'd also help her when she had to set stuff up for church - - I got to adventure through some of the back passageways in church - - way cool and kind of scary all at the same time.

Another nun, Sister Rosilyn was also made a big impact on my life in Junior High. She was our teacher as we prepared for Confirmation. Youth group would meet at the convent in her basement office - - which was set up really nice, couches, beanbag chairs or pillows to sit on. This is the first time I experienced bible study. We read through the New Testament and were to read about the lives of saints and share what we learned with each other. I really enjoyed those discussions. I would have to say, I did entertain the idea of becoming a nun. However, I liked boys way too much.

Mrs. Grendal was my sixth grade teacher at about the time I was preparing for confirmation. I actually chose her name as my confirmation name -- she was named after a saint choose to be my "patron" saint. I really liked Mrs. Grendal, I think I really got interested in history, military history, when I was in her class. She'd tell stories about her husband, a Korean War veteran.

Oh and Mr. VonMaluski, he was my geography teacher - - I loved his classes because it was like going on a vacation everyday as we learned about some place new. I know many people who hated that class. But I just loved it. Ever since then, I have wanted to travel the world (oh, if I could only win the lottery).

Do you guys have teachers who have touched your lives or where your favorites? If so, share some of your stories here.

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