Friday, July 31, 2009

And Then There Were Three


I came home with one less kitten tonight. Duke went home with who I hope will be his forever mommies. Two very nice ladies came in looking for a black and white kitten. I told them I preferred that they go in pairs but if they really only wanted one, Spree would be the best to go a lone. They actually asked for Spree by name.

Spree was a bit nervous and was very tense the entire time they held her. Duke on the other hand, was chilled out and relaxed. They chose Duke. I told him he would be my only other of the litter I'd let go by himself, but only to a family that had other pets or children because Duke hates being alone.

I held Duke before they put him in the carrier and kissed his little face good bye and then I bolted. I couldn't stay to watch them take him. I was getting choked up. Just had to hand him over and I had to leave. I hope they don't think it strange that I didn't come back and shake their hands.


Duke is a good kittie. He's very sweet. Not as crazy as Dash and Stache, but still very playful - - as this photo attests to. I hope they love him and he just melts into their hearts.


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