Thursday, May 29, 2008

First Full Wedding At Museum

The first full wedding and reception were held at the Museum over Memorial Day weekend. Below is my favorite shot of the snap shots that I took. The bride and her father.


The exciting thing was, this was a Marine Corps wedding. The very first wedding reception held at the museum was for two Air Force NCOs. It is a cool museum, better atmosphere than the O Clubs or NCO clubs at area bases.

We also had the small wedding reception in the Mess Hall for a Marine Wedding, but they got married off site.

The museum is trying to market itself as a wedding event destination, especially for military weddings. The Marine Corps Heritage Foundation even hired their own photographer to come to photograph the set-up so they can use it in brochures and print ads. If I ever get married, I would have at least my reception at the Museum because of my involvement here for the past six years (yes, can you believe it will be six years in July!). I think in the summer of 2009 the chapel is suppose to be completed and if it is as stunning as the artist's concept, well, I"m sure it will be a popular wedding location.

The groom is a 2nd LT and 2007 Naval Academy graduate. Several of his classmates were groomsmen. While the groom is getting his mug shot by the wedding photogs, I got a shot of the groomsmen primping. Gotta make sure the ribbons and buttons are all in the right place.


While the groom and his men were getting 'shot' out front, the museum catering staff was busily setting up. Here are the results. (Melissa are you getting some ideas?) The tables are decked out with red rose petals, cloth napkins and fish bowl centerpieces containing live Tetras.


The bar is always set up next to the Tarawa exhibit.


Below, the fruit, veggie, cheese and cracker station, they had two of these set-up. In addition, for the younger set, they had a candy 'bar' station. I have never seen such big bowls filled with M&Ms, gummy worms and skittles in my life! All in the red and white theme. The main course was served at their tables and was a choice between salmon or prime rib.


The bride and groom opted for the assorted dessert selection. I'm getting hungry! Gosh that chocolate cheese cake looks AMAZING!


I have never seen a cake topper like this. Clearly fishing was a theme to their wedding, in addition to the fish bowls on the tables, guests were asked to sign a giant platter that had fish painted on it.


The bridal party arrives. The bride was so excited about how beautiful everything looked inside. But to my horror, the Docent lounge was to be the "Bride's room" Had I known that, I would have cleaned the place up a bit.


Here the Maid of Honor helps the bride with her veil.


The bride poses with Rebecca, the special events co-ordinator at the museum.


Well, there was a little stressing out. Amazingly, the bride was not the one stressing out. To calm everyone's nerves, one of the bridesmaids started a round of "If You're Happy and You know It!"

Its Showtime!

The bridal party made their entrance from the Semper Fidelis Memorial Park. I'm sure the photos the photographer took of them coming through the archway were cool.


Seating was set up in front of the museum. I think I would recommend a future bride have a black curtain errected behind the minister and infront of the museum doors, that way you don't get a bunch of wedding pictures with the "Enter" and "Exit" signs. I think the image below is stunning. I'm sure their photographer got some great images.

DSCN7591 DSCN7589

The happy couple pose with their parents for photographs after the ceremony. This was taken within the Semper Fidelis Memorial Park area.


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Kathy and Paula said...

Wow! What a beautiful wedding!Your photos throughout your blog are fabulous! It must be a very exciting to work at such a place and to witness the history and honor of our military men and women on a daily basis. I have never as an adult,been to Washington DC ( as a child my father worked in the pentagon)and I enjoyed seeing the memorials you have on your blog. You made a comment on my blog (kathleen's kit up!) about our story possibly being read at the museum , thank you for mentioning that, our books sure gets a lot of places we have never been! It is always exciting to Paula and I to think that our book is finding it's way to the little heroes who make their own sacrifices of loneliness and loss when a parent deploys!