Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Spring of Goodness - P31 Woman

She does her husband good and not evil all the days of her life. Proverbs 31:12

Well, I'll be honest with you all, for me, this chapter was probably packed with good stuff that I need to digest, but with the demands of my job, I really wasn't able to dig into it too deeply.

There are two things that really stood out to me in this chapter 1) the importance of praying for our future spouse and 2) the importance of making a plan to bring goodness into not only the life of our husband, but to the people around us.

I really liked the list Elizabeth George provided entitled "The ABCs of Goodness". Some of the items that stood out to me:
  • Bless his name
  • Encourage his dreams
  • Indulge in praising him
  • Give him a joyful home
  • Follow his lead
  • Control spending

Yes, I know I am out of order but the fist items I listed seemed to fit together. How many of us know a woman who nags her husband, who bad mouths her husband, who is anything but encouraging, who undermines his decisions and who has maxed out more than one credit card? Did those men really want a wife like that? (O.k. I've met some men who have told me I'm not bitchy enough, which some how equates to I must not think too highly of myself - - so I just counter with - - if you want a woman who bitches at you and is never satisfied with what you do - - by all means find that kind of woman).

As single women, we talked about how we can develop goodness. My example I gave was with a guy I dated who really liked to hunt. He just lit up talking about hunting. Yes, I once spent a large portion of a day at a sporting goods store while he tried out crossbows. And I had a good time because he was having a good time and I could tell it. We all like being with people who are having a good time. Well, he was prepping for turkey hunting season and he had these tapes that teach you how to make the proper turkey call. So he was demonstrating his turkey calling abilities. He was really good at it. And I told him so - -and he demonstrated further his skills at turkey calling. He was just beaming and boy he was so darn cute! The girls in my Bible Study were laughing.

One of the girls pointed out that praising men for what they are good at is important -- even if it is stuff they don't want to do - - like putting dishes in the dish washer. At her work, people had a bad habit of not washing their dishes and putting them away. When she'd see one of the men doing it, she made a point of praising him, thanking him and letting him know how much she appreciated him. Now, they have no problem with the dishes.

So, I think as a single woman I can practice this skill of bringing goodness to my future husband but bringing goodness to the men and women in my life at work as well as with the men I date.

What things do you do to be a spring of goodness in your husband's life?

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