Friday, May 2, 2008

World War 2 and Korean Veterans Museum Visit

As things usually go, I'm looking for one thing and find another. I found this video taken last year. The Marine giving the tour suffered a grave head injury in Iraq. When he started with us, he had a horrible jagged scard down the back of his head. Can't tell now. This Marine re-entered civilian life last summer.

The video is a group of World War 2 and Korean War veterans and their sons and grandsons.

I love meeting World War 2 veterans when they come the museum. We had a big group from Katy, Texas last weekend. One fellow came up to me and started telling me all about their weekend trip to DC and their time at the World War 2 monument. He commented on how many people stopped them and asked to have photos taken with them. He said he felt like a movie star.

I've been thinking, I should carry a digital tape recorder. They love to tell their stories. The fellow I spoke with was in the Navy and served for four years in Europe. I try to remember their stories and write them down here when I get home.

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