Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ugly Earth Scuptures


The day I was in DC I headed over to the Botanical Gardens to see how the flowers were blooming there. Outside were all these "Earth" sculptures. Most of them, in my opinon, really ugly. This was one of the more pleasant looking Earths. Looking ugly, well, I'm sure it was to get a point across - - the ugliness of how we don't conserve energy and resources.

The "Get-A-Ride" Earth had this to say:

Commuting Americans have so much exta room in our 140 million cars we could give everyone in Western Europe a ride.

If every car carried just one more passenger on its daily commute, 32 million gallons of gas and 600 million pounds of carbon dioxidewould be saved each day.


Holy exhaust fumes Batman!

That is just incredible!

I gotta tell you. It cost me over $60 to fill my Honda Accord this last time - - over $60! That is three times what it used to cost me. I have drastically changed how I use energy. I have the energy saving light bulbs in ALL of my lights. I only run the A/C if it is over 90 degrees- - and when I leave for work on those 90+ degree days, I turn it up to 85. I'm at work, the cats usually sleep in the sun spots all day anyway - - they don't care. It looks like it may be paying off for my. My electric usage for the month of June was half what is was for last June. Yay!

What types of energy conservation have you begun? Are you seeing any results?

I'm wondering about installing solar panels on the south side of my townhouse. I wonder how much energy that would develop? Enough to power my lights?

I want to know when the heck US auto makers and energy suppliers are going to come up with more mainstream alternative forms of energy? I don't care if it will take 5 - 10 - 20 years to develop stuff - - that is what they were saying 20 years ago when I was an elementary school kid. The thing is, if its something that can't be utilized "right now" no one wants to take it on. Well, had they been more serious 20 years ago, maybe we wouldn't be in the situation we are in today.


Samantha West said...

Energy savers for cars are out ther and can be on the market in 90 days. They will cost about $10,000 to install but can stretch economy to 40 mpg.

I looked into solar panels ten years ago for my home. To be completely free of the "electrical grid" would have cost me $20,000 in 1998. That would have been about $166 a month for the last 10 years. A little less than my average electrical bill and doesn't include maintenance.

Mostly I'm looking for ways to increase my company's income as energy costs soar. That way I can increase salaries so my people can adapt.

Samantha West said...

One more thing, was there a sculpture of the earth showing that over the Atlantic Ocean theres a place that gobbles up greenhouse gases as fas as we make them? I hunting for the article that I came across last week from a research team in Great Britain.