Sunday, July 20, 2008

At the "Range" Working On Improvement

The following are my results on the laser rifle range at the Museum. The equipment they use is the same equipment that the US military uses for laser rifle training. The simulated distance is 200 yards, standing, non supported. The only things you don't get are recoil, the sound or spent casings. The fact you don't get a recoil is probably a GREAT thing for me as I'd be on my rear end.

Why use laser rifles? Saves money on ammunition.

One of the retired Marines working the range, noticed I was leaning backward instead of forward. If these were the real thing, my first shot would have sent me backward on my bum. So I adjusted and leaned forward on the second set.

So, this was my first attempt. I was on the range with a father his 9-year old son. When I turned around to look at the computer, I thought my target was the one the 9 year old shot. Then the range operator handed me this one. Way better than what the 9 year old did!


I'm competative, o.k.

The kid shot a 50 something and was really happy with the results. He proudly showed me and I did the good adult thing and said, "Great job you did awesome!" while secretly thinking 'I did better than you. You got beat by a girl.'

I did mention above that I am very competative.

Target 5_24_1st

The above attempt the Range operator noticed I was leaning backward as I shot. I don't shoot rifles often so I have no clue what I'm doing. But that was my first attempt. I think I did o.k. If I had shot the real thing, I would have hit the bad guy on my first shot. That is all that matters, right?

Below is the result of adjusting, leaning forward. Oh, if you get a score of 85% or higher, take your printout up to the Mess Hall for a free soda.

Target 5_24_2nd

The next weekend, I tried again. Here is my first set. A little better than the previous week.

Target 6_1_08_1st

Then the second set. Better yet.

Target 6_1_08

Being the competative person that I am, I'd like to keep trying it out and get better. Funny, my fourth shot was my best on all four sets.


Miss Em said...

Hello Ranger Girl--
You did a lot better than me. I was told by my shooting instructor that I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn.
Welp, I asked him if the target could be moving while I took shots at it. He laughed and indulged me. The next thing he said was if the person stand still he has a 'Chance of Living'.
My six shots from my pistol hit center mass of a moving target.
I passed.

RangersGirl said...

Miss Em,

That is a great story. I'm not sure if I could hit a moving target. Sometime I'll find the time to take some lessons.