Saturday, July 26, 2008

Beware of Code Camo

Got an e-mail from Major A in the Sandbox. He arrived at his location safely. I'm praying that it stays that way for him.

He was at one of the locations visited by Senator Obama. Apparently, only military members who were critical to the "CP" or command post were allowed to stay to watch the visit, everyone else was asked to leave.

Well that really stinks. What were they afraid of? Code Camo making a protest during a key photo op? (my thoughts).

Now, I understand when you are visiting in your "role" as state senator, you will probably just meet with military members who are your constituents. But Obama isn't just a state senator and clearly, some military people were miffed enough not to get the chance to meet him that they e-mailed family and friends, as reported in the New York Daily.

Back to Obama not being just a state senator, he's candidate for president. Yes, the President is the most powerful person in the world. I always thought of the US President as the "Man of hte People" because in our country, the President can be anybody. Obama really sparks that dream of "Anyone born in this country could be President". As the potential "Man of the People" he should be shaking hands with as many people as he can or he should have stopped and acknowledge folks as he was being rushed to the next venue.

Obama was going to visit wounded soldiers in Germany but declined, saying it was out of respect to the wounded and their families. Maybe he just didn't feel comfortable. Its a bit heart wrenching to see someone in the early stages of treatment for wounds sustained in an IED attack. I can tell you I have to swallow back the lump in my throat when wounded warriors visit the museum. But, I gotta tell you, if you need motivation, these men are the best! They are so positive about the physical therapy and their progress. Oh, I'm sure they have their days where they are just so darn frustrated. However, it is amazing what they are capable of inspite of their injuries. I think Obama missed out on a real blessing by passing up meeting these men and their families at the hospital in Germany.


Miss Em said...

1st....Good to hear that Mjr A made it to the Sandbox safely. Will also say prayers that he stays that way. {You of course know that when one gets under the skin it's very hard not to care.}

McCain visited the Wounded at WR and he did not take any photographers with him. I guess he understood the rules about photo-opps.

I'll bet that the reason that Obama refused to visit those Wounded in Germany was because the CO said, 'NO photos of the Wounded and only you will be allowed in the room of those who have agreeded to see a visitor.'
There went what everyone planned as a great photo-op with all of the media clicking away as they swarmed around like the pop-po-ratz-zi{Sp??}.

My question that has NOT been answered is why did he NOT want to talk to the Warriors in Iraq. I wonder if he was Afraid that they would ask questions that he could NOT answer.

Sounds like it does, doesn't it?

Samantha West said...

I agree miss em that a photo-op with a soldier, Marine, airman or sailor isn't as headline getting as visiting Karzai. As well, I think Obama also didn't visit with the troops, either deployed or wounded, because he has no idea what to say, he would look out of his element. A symptom of his ambivalence toward our troops, his lack of understanding of the world situation, and his immaturity.

A child (mentally) should not be president.

fnord said...

To be fair to mr. Obama, he got the message that only senatorial staff was allowed in the hospital, and since they had all gone home after Iraq he would have had to go to the hospital alone. Even Hagel called McCains attack on that issue for unfair.