Friday, July 4, 2008

What the HECK is THAT!?!


I was outside with the cats figuring out my new Nikon D80 and this HUGE something flew into the garden. It looked like a giant bumble bee. Of course, Stryker had to go check it out. After I snapped the above photo, I grabbed him to keep him from sniffing the bee. I had visions of him being stung on the nose by this bee on steroids. That is all I need! A year ago, he broke his leg, which I'm still paying off, I don't need him to get stung and go into anaphylactic shock!


I took some pictures of this bug - - which, after looking at on my camera's viewer, I thought it might not be a bug, but a hummingbird. I got really excited about a hummingbird visiting my garden.

But then I blew these up on the computer and counted six legs on this creature. Hummingbirds don't have six legs. EWWWWW! What is it? I've never seen this bug before? Is it a moth? Or some new killer bee? I dont' see a stinger on this thing but I don't want a bunch of them visiting my garden either.


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