Friday, July 11, 2008

Men -Vs- Women: Celebrating an Engagement


We celebrated the birthday and engagement of one of the gals in my Bible study group this past week. A couple of us had read about her 'status change' on Facebook prior to meeting for dinner. So, when we were doing the "Happy Birthday!" we were also saying "Congratulations!" The other gals who weren't in on the Facebook info asked what the "Congratulations" were for.

Kristen flashed her rock.

Screams of excitement emanated from our corner of the restaurant and then the inquisition began. We wanted all the details. After an hour of grilling our friend, Christine commented, "You know, on the guys end all his buddies are going to ask is "What'd she say, man?" to that your fiance will say "She said yes" and his friends would say "Cool", end of story.

Below is almost the whole gang. We were missing two people. We went to a Japanese steakhouse called Sakura, very good!


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