Sunday, July 19, 2009

Daily Kitten Funny


For some reason, I wanted to chant "Chug, chug, chug!"

Yesterday was the day of kittens getting their noses into things. Besides Duke above sticking his head all the way into the fries box, Dash did the same thing, only he had to first fish it out of the trash. Later in the day as I got ready to head out to a fund raiser, Stache got a nose/face full of my mineral powder make-up. The poor little guy stuck his whole face into the jar of fine powder and took a big snort. Much sneezing, shaking of the head and rubbing of the face followed. I picked him up and his whole black little face was ivory powder. I laughed so hard as I took a wash cloth to him and washed it off. He was really sneezing.

I've not been blogging much about anything other than the kittens. I've been doing a lot of stuff and have so many pictures to share - - just such little time to blog. Much of what I would like to write about, I want to write about it well. Frankly, my writing seems to have spiraled down hill. I still think I can write great instructions for things, but telling "stories", that takes some thought - - and fact checking. Heck, my quick thoughts on things blogs, I get the facts wrong. Good grief. I really wonder sometimes if I've been having blonde moments or if its the onset of alzheimer's. I know, not funny to joke about. But I find myself searching for people's names (can be looking right at them and their name escapes me), not remembering what day of the week it is, and where the heck my keys are. I know my insomnia issues are playing a part in that - - so my goal has been to actually go to bed at a decent hour - -wether or not I actually fall asleep at a decent hour is besides the point (I have been reading a lot).

Regarding the writing. I had my annual work evalutation yesterday. It went very well. I met expectations. My evaluator said he wished the scoring for the evaluation had more latitude because he wanted me to know I was on the high end of meeting expectations. I told him I was very happy with my evaluation and the written remarks. Frankly, I told him if I were scoring "exceeds expectations" or the "superior" rating, I'd have to say my job wasn't challenging enough. My job has been challenging, in a good way. I got a superior rating once in my career - - when I was on another project. The project where I was bored out of my mind, would finish assignments in a week that they thought I'd be working on for months - - and then I'd just sit and read the news. Yes, I rate superior at reading the news, folks. That was the most unsatisfying superior rating ever. So I was satisfied with my eval this year.

One of the items listed to improve upon this next year is my writing. Specifically with business/e-mail correspondence. There have been too many times where I was slammed and had to get something out to someone and sent it with spelling mistakes (doesn't help to have spell check set to automatically check when you hit 'ignore' on all of its hits) or my sentence structure made the recipient go "huh?!?" Oh, and the times my 'tone' came across as insulting, yes, I have to work on the 'tone' of my writing. I know this. So I am going to look for a writing class as well as make a conserted effort to improve/practice here.

Well, on I go to the last load of laundry to fold and bathrooms to clean... then to church for evening service. I played soccer last night and those late night games result in me being very stiff when I wake-up. I could have gone to chuch this morning. I ended up going to the gym and swimming 1000 meters. The first 1000 I've swam in (yikes!) 2 years. I swam it and it loosened me up. So I am going to try to make that part of my new work-out routine, only earlier, like around 6:30 or 7 a.m. on Sunday -- that way I can still make it to morning service.

That is all she wrote for now folks...have a great Sunday.

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