Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dog Days of Summer


Saturday afternoon, I attended a fund raiser put on by one of the missions teams at church. They had a "Dog Days of Summer" party at a local park. They had a really good turn out. Lots of people and their furry four-legged friends of the barking variety. While Ranger is good on a leash and would have loved the outing - - he would not have liked being around so many dogs - - because, he's a cat.

Copy of DSC_0282

Above, some of the women in my Bible study group. These ladies are such neat women and I feel so blessed to know them, to have them in my life. Nothing better than having a good bunch of girlfriends.

Below, the doggie games have begun - - Cheez Whiz licking contest. The dog owners were to smear the Cheez on the dogs nose and the first dog to lick all the cheese off, won.


This little dog wasn't very happy about the Cheez Whiz on her nose.


Get it off!


Below is a different dog - - and well, it kind of sat on the Cheez Whiz. For a human, this would have been very embarrassing.


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