Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Kittens Were Not Adopted

The kittens and myself are exhausted after a day at PetSmart for an adoption event. They weren't adopted. I'm kind of happy but kind of sad. The worst part is the drive, just like Gracie they all cry for the entire car ride. I hate that.

People balk at the policy that kittens be adopted in pairs. I think it is a really good idea because I remember Ranger being alone when he was about 10 weeks old - - I really regretted seperating him from his brother. This evening, Stache realized that he was alone in the dining room, the rest of us were downstairs in the family room. I heard him crying (it must be a female thing, I am tuned into the mothering call). When a shouted up the stairs so he knew where we were, he came trotting down the stairs and jumped into my arms. (Yes, he did that). He gave me a little cat kiss and starte purr - - all safe and sound in his mama's arms.

The only one sitting with me now is Dash. He's racked out on the chair next to me.

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