Thursday, July 2, 2009

Independence Day May Mean New Homes For the Babies

The kittens have been "fixed" and as of tomorrow (Friday) they will be 10 weeks old. I am taking them to their first adoption event on Saturday, July 4th. I will be the only person bringing cats/kittens in according to the volunteer schedule sent out by Lost Dog Lost Cat. So, there is a good chance I may be coming home without my kittens. They are so darn cute, who wouldn't want to adopt them.

I got some really good pictures of Duke. For some reason whenever I pull out the camera, he stops whatever cute thing he's doing and runs up to me. Here with the telephoto, he had no clue I was "shooting" him. These are from last weekend.

Duke ready to play.


Dash is playing with something along the window while Duke (left) and Stache (right) attack Spree (center). Spree was not happy.


Dash just chilling out in the sun, hugging the kitty lounger.


Stache lounging on the kitte lounger.


The vet said the kittens were so sweet. Dash was kissing on one of the vet techs. He does that with me, puts his paws on my face and starts to kneed my lips while he licks my nose. I was so glad to hear that he did that with someone other than me. The vet tech said she could tell I have been playing and loving on them because they are so loving toward people. She said Dash was her favorite. (He's mine too). All of them just plop over and want their bellies rubbed and want to snuggle and give kisses. They are what people are looking for in kittens. I have been praying that God has been preparing good homes for them.

Lost Dog Lost Cat policy with kittens is that they have to be adopted in pairs -- so I'd like Dash and Stache to go together and Duke and Spree to go together. Dash and Stache are partners in crime. Spree and Duke aren't as aggressive - - but still playful - - they are more each other's speed. They tend to be over powered by Dash and Stache.

They have been so much fun. I will be sad to see them go to new families, but I know they will be blessings.

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