Sunday, September 21, 2008

Delay on Econ Posting: Returned from Awesome Weekend in Virginia's Hill Country


I just got back from a wonderful weekend retreat with the ladies in my Bible Study down by Lexington, Virginia. This is the gang just before church service on Friday night.

When the theme of the retreat's sermons were revealed, I cried because it was a story that I had picked years ago as my life verse. Three days of teaching on the story of Jesus calming the stormy sea. Mark 4: 35-41; also told in Matthew 8:23-27 (this is my verse) and in Luke 8:22-25.

So, I really felt that God was going to have something I was to really learn from this weekend.

BTW, why I picked this verse. My name (real, not Ranger's Girl) means white wave. To me, a white wave is a white cap on a rough sea or a crashing wave on the beach. Both can be quite destructive yet creative, definately bringing about change in the things that it touches. A mentor I had told us that there was a spiritual reason why we were named what we were named, even if our parents didn't mean anything spiritual by it. For my parents - - I completely changed their life pathes - - or quickened what would have eventually happened. Yep, I was an ooops baby. The motivation behind my parent's engagement and marriage. But that is another blog.

For me, why that verse touched a cord with me. I am a worrier. When I struggle through life's storms - - and I've had a few big ones in the past 10 years. I am often like the apostles, screaming at God, "Don't you care if I drown! Do something!" After initially studying this verse I changed my cry during the storm - - it became "Lord, stand up in me and calm me." I am willing to power through the rough path - - I just need to remind myself the God is in me and I need to summon him to stand up in me to calm my fears.

I have to say, I did face one of my big fears. The fear of heights. I took that on head on on the Ropes Course. I will share the story with you in the next few days. I also was humbled in some things that I have always been strong/good at. It was an eye opening weekend.

Regarding the economy of our nation. I can tell you that finances are one of the things I worry about. What is going on in the economy does scare me. I try to make wise decisions, however, it is difficult to do when I've not had a great financial management education. What the candidates plan on doing with the economy and what government programs politicians plan on funding or not funding will have an impact on me. Its a bit unsettling. We've been having meetings for the past two years, with government managers, telling us to expect budget cuts in our offices. Could it mean losing my job? I hope not. However, it is always a possiblity.

I won't let you down on my issues research/opinion, I just haven't had a lot of time to put the facts together. So hang on.

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