Wednesday, September 17, 2008

IED Blast Half A World Away, My Heart Skips a Beat

When you are no longer dating someone, is it wrong to worry about their safety? Is it abnormal to feel your stomach turn when reading a headline "Four US Soldiers Killed in Roadside Blast" ?

Geographically, I know Major A's area of operation (AO) is large. Logically, I know I can't think that every IED explosion remotely close to where he is involved him. However, I can't help the gut wrenching that occurs when I see those headlines. I quickly scan the story for any names. When there have been no names released (like today), I make a note to search the DoD's website for casualties later in the day. When there are names, I breath a sigh of relief when his name is not there. That is then followed by a pang of guilt, because I know someone is getting heart breaking news.

Now, I don't dwell on Major A and where he is and what he is doing on a daily basis. Sorry to say, I'm too busy for that.

Small world that the Marine Corps is though, one of the Marines at the museum served under Major A's command when Major A made his second deployment. The Marine always asks if I've heard from the Major. If I have I relay what he's doing and how he is. He's been busy in the fight against IEDs. He recently celebrated his birthday. He got my card and package. He appreciates the consideration. He didn't get off work early enough to snag a piece of cake at the chow hall. However, he planned on sitting outside, staring at the mountains while smoking a cigar the following day. He writes that the mountains are beautiful but that is where the bad guys are so no going camping or hiking.

Major A was on my mind more than usual, yesterday. After a long day, I got home and e-mailed him.

This morning, I saw the headline. I hope the IED did not involve him, did not involve his men. I hope that event is not what caused him to come into my thoughts so often yesterday.

Even though there is no longer a romantic connection, I still care for his safety and well being. Is that silly?

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liberal army wife said...

no, of course it's not silly! He was and is a part of your life.