Monday, September 1, 2008

Thoughts on Palin's Daughter's Crisis Pregnancy

First of all, I agree with Barak Obama on this, it is not a reflection on Palin's ability to be Vice President.

I've read some comments from both ends of the spectrum - -

A comment on Youtube:

I guess Sarah Palin's stance on not teaching sex education in school is really paying off. Her abstinence stance really helped out in her family. This is classic!!

A couple comments on an article on Christianity

The Palins are an embarrassment to the evangelical community. Its not just the daughter's pregnancy. Its also the husband's DUI arrest, the governor's "less than truthful" account of her stand on the bridge to nowhere, and overall her lack of policy smarts. After all the work that Rick Warren and others have done to convince the nation that we evangelicals are intelligent, cultured people who walk our Christian talk, we get the Palin soap opera.

Posted by: Bill at September 1, 2008

What a blessing this truly is! Thanks for proving that so-called christian leadership is hypocritical and bankrupt, and doesn't work. There has never been a better time to reject christians.

Posted by: Nicholas at September 1, 2008

First of all, most of you know I am a Christian, those of you who don't know that - - you do now. Being a Christian doesn't mean I don't sin - - believe me I do. I screw up on a daily basis. As a Christian, I am so very thankful that Jesus died for my sins and by simply accepting his sacrifice, I am not cut off from God. There are no other requirements from me. Yes, as a Christian, I should want to "walk the talk" out of gratitude that my past sins and my future sins are forgiven. But God knows I'm frail and I can't live out the rest of my days sinless. This relationship I have with God is one of me screwing up, going to Him acknowledging what I did wrong asking him to forgive me, Him extending that forgiveness and me accepting it freely - - I don't have to do any acts inorder to get it. Even though I'm forgiven and accepted by God, doesn't mean there aren't consequences to the sin I've committed. I mean you put your hand in a fire and get burned, you have a painful burn for a little bit until it heals. You may even have a scar and a memory. The next time you encounter another fire, you will know better than to stick your hand in it because you remember the consequences from the last time.

Now, since I'm not a parent, I have NO experience in the area of parenting. However, I am a child and I have experience of being parented. I know my parents told me not to do things and set boundaries for me because they loved me and didn't want to see me get hurt. Did I always listen to my parents? No. Is it a direct reflection on my parents and the type of people they are that I didn't listen to them? No. It shouldn't be. When I made my decision to do things counter to my parents teachings - - they weren't there (except in what they had taught me) and I knew I was in direct rebellion to what they had taught me. Yes, I have had to deal with consequences. Luckily they weren't too life altering or life ending.

The attack on Palin and her stance on teaching abstinence - - o.k. that isn't NO sex education, its including another form of birth control. Even if teens are educated on the proper use of all the birth control methods out there -- doesn't mean they are going to follow through and use any of them. They make that choice, they know they are making that choice, if they are a willing partner, some may suffer the consequences with either an sexually transmitted disease or an unwanted pregnancy. I've had this abstinence arguement with adults who think its a horrible thing to teach kids -- and I've asked, so you are o.k. with your 13 year-old having sex? And they counter with "There are worse things they could be doing and I'd at least want them to know how to protect themselves." My next question to them is, "Do you always wear a condom or insist your partner wear a condom?" That is usually met with some stuttering and a "Yes, all the time". My next question is then, "Has it ever broken or come off?" And then the final follow-up -- even if you use everything properly, none of it will protect you 100% of the time from STDs or pregnancy. I have several married friends who got pregnant while on the pill and/or using condoms.

The Person commenting that the Palin's are an embarrassment to the Evangelical community. One word for you "Pharisee".

Are you so caught up in the "law"? Do you follow it perfectly? Are you sinless? And whatever happened to Grace?

Now, the Palins are sticking to their beliefs. They taught their daughter, she rebelled, she and her family have to live with the consequences - - sin doesn't usually hurt one person, they are going to love her and support her (much like our heavenly father does for all of us). I think that should be commended.

Embarrassment and hypocrisy would be the Palin's encouraging their daughter to have an abortion. In all honesty, I can deal with a flip flop on the bridge to nowhere more than I could on a flip flop on Palin's pro-life stance. How many people are pro-life but then change because its all of a sudden not convenient for them?

And Todd Palin's DUI charge when he was 22 - - Are you KIDDING ME? Is that the best you can dig up? McCain cheated on his first wife,Bill Clinton cheated on Hillary, that is a heck of a lot worse in my book because it has to do with integrity and trust. And if we can all get dinged on stupid stuff we did when we were young and NOT in political office or in a leadership position - - or get dinged for stupid stuff our spouse did when they were dating us - - heaven help us all.

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