Thursday, September 4, 2008

What/Who Will be Palin's Final Authority the Constitution or her Husband?

That was essentially the question asked in commentary by Rev. Susan Brooks.

This is based again on another interpretation of Ephesians 5:22. This interpretation being that following it literally would mean that Palin should seek her husband's counsel on all things and that his decisions are to be what she follows. Under that interpretation, Brooks states that the Republican Party should be vetting Todd Palin -- since he'll really be the one pulling the strings.


I also want to know why everyone is so sure that McCain is going to die while in office and Palin will be President. Reagan was 74 when he ran for his second term.

But anyway, back to husband and wife relationships in the White House. I'm sure every President has sought the counsel of his spouse. In the case of Woodrow Wilson, his wife Edith pretty much ran the nation toward the end of his presidency. I'm sure Hilary had Bill's ear all 8 years - - and I'm sure if she were to ever be President - - Bill would play a big part.

I'm sure Todd Palin will act as a sounding board - - but I am sure, Sarah Palin, in terms of her job, would make the decisions. Now, doesn't Brooks remember that we women don't want our husbands to solve all our problems? - - we want them to just listen.

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