Monday, June 29, 2009

What the heck?!? Am I blind?

Sunday, we were slow in the morning, typical for a Sunday. I decided to try my hand on the rifle range. Its been over a year since I last shot. Initially, my hits were all over the place - - hitting the target but all over in the 1 and 2 areas (horrible) I stopped and asked myself, "What the heck? Are you blind?"

Well, actually, yes, I was, sort of. I forget that I am left eye dominant. So I tend to close my right eye when I'm "looking" through the sight. In effect, I'm shooting with my eyes closed. The fact that I hit the target, a simulated 200 or 300 yards away is amazing (I think anyway). Once I figured myself out and coordinated (eyes open) I shot a few sets.

After I 'opened' my eyes, this is what my right handed shooting of the M16 looked like:

6_28 Target Practice RH

Now, I say I shot the above right handed - - because I also did some left handed shooting, which I don't think is what most people do. However, since I'm left eye dominant, I just wanted to see how I did. So here is my left handed shooting below:

6_28 Target Practice

I showed my sheets to the Marines for some analysis and this is what I found out. My right handed shooting, shots 5 and 10 were off because of muscle control (that is the direction the rifle went when I relaxed on those shots. Left handed, my "up and down" pattern was due to breathing. I was probably more relaxed with my left hand because it seemed more normal to have my left eye open as I aimed. The Marines gave me some coaching on breathing -- so next time I'll try to remember what they told me and see if I can get any better.

Left handed, I shot about what I shot right handed last year. Right handed, I'm 2% points better than last year. So now the competitive person I am wants to practice so I can get better. I want all 10s, consistently, gosh-darn-it!

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