Tuesday, June 23, 2009

DC Metro Train Crash

Just to let everyone know, I was not involved in the Red line crash of the DC metro. While I used to take the metro everyday when I worked in the city, I did not take the Red line. When I worked in Bethesda - - 8 years ago, I would occasionally take the Red line. And chances I'd be on the train at 5 p.m. were slim.

Today, my current project is not located near a metro station so I do not take the metro to work, yes, I am a heavy contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

Just wanted everyone to know that I am safe and was very far away from the accident that has now claimed 9 lives. My sister posted to Facebook that she had to check that to make sure I was o.k. to let my mom know. (how sad is that, that Facebook has become the best bet for family and friends to reach me?)

My prayers go out to all the families who lost loved ones in this accident. The metro system in DC is very safe and convenient - - there is no other way I'd travel about DC - - metro and on foot is my preferred method.

So, that said, because of the huge delays on the metro this morning, I anticipate some really heavy traffic and today - - I have to go into the city to conduct a training class -- I am signing off.

Just remember, everyday we have is a gift. We don't know when we leave our homes or work if we will make it to our planned destination. I however have complete faith that I will make it to the destination God has planned for me. If it brings my family and friends peace of mind, if anything were to ever happen to me in DC traffic, be it a car accident (someone does hit me every year, btw, and I am over due for that YIKES!), fire, metro bus running over me, car running over me, heart attack, falling down stairs, elevator plummeting to the basement, heat stroke....you get the idea... I will be o.k. I know where I am going.

Oh, and if something were to happen, can someone come to my house and take care of the cats?

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