Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Museum Enters The Social Networking World Via Facebook

NMMC Facebook

You can now get face time with the National Museum of the Marine Corps over on Facebook. The photo above should link you to the page. So...if you are on Facebook, join the group to get information on upcoming events, share your stories and photos.

A couple weeks ago, the museum director approached me and asked me some questions about social networking. I am by no means a pro. I sent her some links to some sites from other museums and by June 19th, they had a page up. I have no idea who the "social networking manager" is but there are almost 200 members. One of the Marines set up a fan page about a year ago so, join them both!

I just uploaded photos from the OCS commissioning from last year. The person who set up the page loaded photos for each of the galleries. Over on the fan page, you can check out some photos the aviation curator posted from the Belleau Wood film shoot. I think we have some pretty talented photographers amongst the staff and volunteers at the museum.

One thing I'd like to see the museum do is set up a blog either on wordpress or blogspot so they can post longer stories about upcoming things or things that occurred or about veterans that have come to visit. A blog where you don't have to be a member to comment or read. Facebook is a good start. Blogs can always be fed into Facebook too.

Are they on Twitter? My search results returned nada -- so they are not Tweeting. I think Tweeting would be most useful for the events that occur during the day. For instance, Colonel Camp and Patrick Mooney were giving lunchtime history talks. There are various curator talks scheduled through the year and usually on Saturday, there are family (read -- kid friendly) activities in the education department. All of these lead themselves to tweet reminders. We'll have to stay on the look out on Twitter.

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