Saturday, June 13, 2009

Technological Panic!

The annoying thing regarding technology is that it changes quickly. Or in the case of some technology outlets/entities, if they decide not to support an application - - you have to convert all of your data to a different platform.

I've already 'lost' one online journal when AOL pulled the plug on its blog/journal capability. I had started blogging over at Yahoo 360 and then Yahoo stopped supporting the application. Users got tired of the system crashing or not working correctly so those in my Yahoo network migrated to Multiply. That was kind of sad. I was getting around 1000 hits a week on my Yahoo blog. Granted, some of the comments from a bunch of Iranians and Pakistanis that started following me made me a bit uncomfortable on several levels.

I've gotten no where near that many hits here on Blogspot. Nor has blogspot really given me the opportunity to connect with people around the world like Yahoo 360 did. I loved following the day-to-day adventures of a South African Forest Ranger, the beautiful gardens of a blogger in New Zealand, and an American teaching English in South Korea. Some of the connections made on 360 have continued to Multiply and to Facebook.

So the panic. Yahoo 360 is going away, completely on July 13th (is that a Friday?) The message was, if you don't export your blogs to the new Yahoo profile or to another blog hosting site, all is lost.


Blogging has become my big shoe box for photos and memories. The intention was I could quickly download my digital photos and post them online along with my thoughts and memories of the event. At a later time, when I had time, I would use those entries to assist me with my scrapbooking and permanent archive. Lets just say I'm about 3 years behind on scrapbooking.

So Yahoo 360 going away sent me in a panic trying to back-up my blogs externally and then export them to Wordpress, which is who Yahoo made and agreement with to pass the blog hosting torch to. Wordpress only allows you to upload 15 MB in a zip file to its site. My Yahoo 360 blog downloaded and zipped was 236 MB. A little bit too big.

ACK! What was I going to do?

But then I remembered, "Didn't I already export my yahoo 360 blogs to Multiply?" I checked, they look like they are all there. Whew!

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