Sunday, June 14, 2009

With the Marines at Belleau Wood

Belleau Wood 3a

This could be one of those group photos taken before moving out to the front lines in 1918 but it was taken last week as Marines filmed a movie for the World War 1 Gallery.

A HUGE thanks to Museum Curator, Owen Conner for granting me permission to share some of the photos he took while on set.

One of the advisers on set was Col. Joseph Alexander, you can see him in the photo below wearing 'modern' clothes and baseball hat as the World War 1 Marines march by to take positions for filming.

Belleau Wood 1

Marines moving through the wheat field and smoke. The poppies were added to the field for authenticity.

Belleau Wood 5

Even though the Marines endured the hot, humid, Virginia June days, dressed head to toe in wool uniforms and charged through the fields several times, the dirt and grime on their faces (most of it anyway) was make-up. Great effort and attention to detail was made for things to look authentic. Marines played Marines and the medics were played by modern day Navy Corpsmen.

Belleau Wood 4

Marines cooling off in the shade between shots. Besides the heat and humidity, they had to battle some pretty severe weather. I think it rained every day they were out there. Some pictures Owen had on his Facebook showed the Maxim Machine gun positions full of mud. Yuck!

Belleau Wood 2

Lots of exciting stuff coming up at the Museum. Again, thank you Owen for letting me share your photos!

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