Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why I am Behind


These are two reasons why I've had a hard time getting things done. Stache is on the left, Dash is on the right.

Dash is really my little lover boy. He loves to snuggle and will push the other kittens out of the way so he can be closer to my face. Yes, he has rubbed his little face all over mine, so I think he thinks he has me marked.

In the morning as I get ready, I have at least 2 if not 3 of the four kittens clinging to my legs. That is clinging to my legs regardless if they are bare or I am wearing pants.

Kitten torture, I think that would be really effective -- who could feel threatened by those cute little faces? They are very deceptive...and then they get you with their pin-prick claws and speed of light climbing ability. Once you peel one off another has decided your rear-end makes a good velcro wall.

They are so much fun! I just want to play with them when I get home - - to heck with cleaning or blogging or whatever else - - I just want Kitten decompression time.

They may be very demanding in regards to telling me they are hungry, however, they remind me that everything has the possiblity of being fun - - even cleaning the litter box.

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Wendylicious said...

oooh!! I need me some of that kitten therapy. Sweet, sweet, sweet!